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Melissa Brewer

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Thank you for all that you do for our school, Nurse Melissa!

Pooled Testing Information

October 27, 2021

Dear Winthrop Grade School Families,

I would like to remind you of the availability of pooled testing. I have shared that we had positive COVID cases in the past week. This week we have had two positive cases. One in a third grade and one in a fifth grade classroom.

Pooled testing allows us to be proactive and reduce the risk of spread. With pooled testing your student would be allowed to continue coming to school, but would need to quarantine outside of school, if the close contact was a school exposure

We continue to be diligent with following the CDC guidelines. We want all students to be at school. If you are interested in your student participating in pooled testing, email Nurse Melissa at and let her know of your interest.

Pooled testing happens every Tuesday morning at school. Nurse Melissa and helpers go to all the classrooms to swab those who are participating. It takes only a minute, and they will miss no classroom instruction.

In it together, together is always better!

Jolene Randall, Principal

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