Bus Routes 

Bus Routes 2023-24 AM and PM

WPS Bus Routes v2.0 2023-2024.pdf
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Note from the Transportation Department of Winthrop Public Schools

Welcome back to the 2023-2024 school year! Winthrop Public Schools is back to operating its own transportation department. This is a significant change for the district and the bus drivers, but things are coming together! We are asking for your continued patience as we develop our transportation system. Below is some information we ask that you keep in mind regarding the transportation of your student(s):

1. The bus routes are being developed and updated and will be posted on the district website by Wednesday the 23rd.  

2. Bus drivers will make continuous changes and updates to the routes as the school year begins. Please note that our drivers are trained to pick up students who are waiting for a ride even if they are not currently listed on the route. If your address is not currently showing on the route, please do​ not panic! Please still send your student out to wait at the approximate time listed for your neighborhood and they will be picked up. 

3. Due to unavoidable circumstances, buses do tend to run slightly early or late. We do our best to pinpoint times, but we cannot be 100% accurate down to the minute. Please plan to have your student outside 10 minutes prior to their assigned stop and plan to wait up to 10 minutes after if necessary. 

4. Some of our routes will now be covered by electric buses. These buses are nearly SILENT so please plan to watch for the bus as you may not hear it coming.